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Selecting promotional products – tips to consider

You’ve made the wise decision to purchase promotional products for your business. Selecting promotional products however can be a daunting task as there are literally thousands of choices available. After all, a leave behind or gift item is an excellent way to reinforce your brand among current and future customers.

But now you have to decide which product is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Which product will keep your business top of mind among your customer base? Mugs, koozies, pens, portable cell phone chargers, stadium cups, mouse pads, tote bags… the list goes on!

As you can see, there are hundreds of choices you could make. But which one is the right choice? Here are a few tips to consider when selecting promotional products that will fit your business best.


Budget of course is one of the first things you should consider when selecting promotional products. Aside from determining the overall amount you want to spend, consider what your objective is. Is your goal to wow a select group of clients or customers with a higher priced gift, or are you looking for exposure to as many people as possible? There are an infinite number of choices to fit any budget.


Another important consideration is how you will use your promotional item. Will it be used at a trade show where your booth could be visited by hundreds of people? Will your sales team use it as a small gift when they visit current and prospective clients? Are customers interested in purchasing souvenir merchandise to demonstrate their loyalty to your brand? How you will use your promotional item should greatly impact which item you select.

What fits your business

This is where your creativity comes in. Research for items that have to do with your business. Select an item that aligns with your business’ story. For example, a bank may offer piggy banks as a promotional item to promote savings. A coffee shop may offer coffee mugs which customers may reuse for refills or travel mugs for to go orders. Portable chargers and thumb drives are ideal for technology-based companies. Don’t be afraid to get too creative; after all, the goal is to leave a lasting impression.

Current affairs and trends

You may get ideas by taking a look at current affairs and trends. For example, right now the banning of plastic straws is a much talked about topic. Reusable straw kits are an excellent idea for any food establishment. Reusable shopping bags are another environmentally friendly promotional item. Mobile phone accessories and ear buds continue to be popular as well. Customers would definitely use any of these items over and over again.

How will your logo look the best

Finally, you should also consider the orientation of your logo when selecting a promotional product. This will ensure your logo is clear and legible, no matter which item you choose. A tall skinny imprint area fits better for tall skinny logos. A wider logo would have to be resized to fit a narrow area and at that point, may become unreadable. Be sure to also ask about how well your logo will reproduce on the item you’ve selected.

Selecting promotional products that will leave a lasting impression on current and future customers can take careful consideration.  The staff at The Ark Shop can assist you in finding the right product to fit your budget and your business. We’re here to help! The Ark Shop can be reached at 716-672-5686 or visit us at 19 Norton Place in Fredonia, or shop online at

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